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In 2008, Mercer Humane Society became its own entity apart from the Mercer County Animal Shelter. While an adoption center is planned, we are working primarily out of foster homes at this time. If you are a pet owner and need assistance re-homing your pet, please contact us for more information. Please include your pets name, age, spay or neuter status, housebroken, good with kids/cats/dogs, everything you can tell us. We routinely courtesy post animals in need of new homes, and as space allows, will make every attempt to take them into foster care. We recognize this is a difficult decision, and will make every attempt to keep your pet out of the animal shelter.

Our Mission is simple ... to prevent cruelty to animals; initiate a program for placing homeless animals in appropriate permanent homes; provide humane education within the community; and promote a spay/neuter program for animals.


Mercer Humane Society is a 501c3 organization operating only through your generous donations. Any donation made is used exclusively for the animals. Mercer Humane Society helps the many homeless animals in Mercer County, KY. Please consider making a small contribution to our cause.

 As you can see, no money is "made" for our general funds through adoption. In order to help animals needing emergency or urgent medical care, we depend on you and others like you. Thank you for anything you can spare. 



The first shelter in Mercer County was a tiny building that had no water facilities or ventilation. The current shelter building located at 896 Moberly Rd was dedicated in December 1974. Members of the Humane Society built and furnished this building, including electrical fixtures and painting.

During the time period from July 1973 to July 1974, the Humane Society returned 16 dogs to their owners, found homes for 84 dogs, and humanely euthanized 284 dogs. During 2005, 754 dogs and 209 cats were brought into the shelter. There were 305 dogs and 50 cats adopted; 144 dogs and 2 cats were returned to their owners; and 203 dogs and 188 cats were euthanized.

In 2008, the Mercer Humane Society was faced with decisions regarding our 501c3 non-profit status, and as a result, became its own entity, separate from the Mercer County Animal Shelter. The Mercer Humane Society continues to work in conjunction with the county animal shelter to save animal lives.

“What exactly does that mean? I thought the Humane Society and animal shelter was the same thing”. Well, you are not alone as many people do not realize there IS a difference. Here are a few:

 Mercer Humane Society, Mercer County Animal Shelter, Group of volunteers working in a non-profit capacity. Employees hired/contracted by the Mercer County government. Income is strictly donations. Income from county tax payers. We currently do not have a location to “house” animals and work primarily out of dedicated foster homes. Building (owned by the county) located at 896 Moberly Road is where stray and surrendered animals are held. Pet Finder website maintained by MHS is not involved in Pet Finder website Photographs animals at Mercer County Animal Shelter and actively finds reputable rescue organizations or adoptable homes. Does not photograph animals, minor involvement in adoption and rescue organizations. Provides emergency care (when funds are available) for animals located at Mercer County Animal Shelter. Provides minimal medical care for animals at the shelter 




  • Photograph animals located at the Mercer County Animal Shelter and actively seeks appropriate homes or reputable rescue organizations
  • Monitor and assess animal shelter activity to ensure mandated ordinances are followed and appropriate care is provided
  • Upload photographs and information to PetFinder for further effort to find appropriate homes or reputable rescue organizations
  • Manage multiple phone calls, inquiries and e-mails for animals in need
  • Process applications to ensure “the right fit” for potential adopter/rescue organization
  • Coordinate home visits to ensure “the right fit” for potential adopter/rescue organizations
  • Coordinate necessary transport (across the country)
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Promote and provide funding for spay/neuter initiatives
  • Serves as a resource to the community to provide involvement and education in the care of animals, as well as information on abuse and neglect
  • Fostering of canine and feline animals in need


  • You can volunteer your time
  • You can volunteer your talents
  • You can participate in any of our active committees (Public Relations, Foster/Adoption, Fundraising, etc)
  • You can donate money

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